Ya know, over zealous, radical Christians make me angry in the way they make the Christian religion religion look to the world.

But over zealous Atheists make me even more angry.

How are you gonna sit there and say that Christians are irrational for what they believe, and that you are offended by talk of a God.

Who is more irrational: the guy who believes in a God he cannot see, or the guy who is offended by a God he doesn’t even believe exists?

Think about that.

I dunno if I believe in love at first sight but I dunno how else to explain this.

She literally took me by surprise and my life hasn’t been the same since.

Oh okay, but like how much did you make ?

You should never ask someone you don’t know how much money they make.

(Serious question) how long do you have to be in a band until you are financially stable ?

Every band makes a different amount of money so that’s not really a question I can answer. 

I've been scrolling through your blog snickering at your responses for a solid twenty minutes now. Go you, man, you're pretty rad.

Glad I could make ya laugh! 

Do you miss touring?

Well yeah that’s why I started a new band. 

No need to be down in the dumps. You're loved by many

I’m not down in the dumps at all. I’m just being annoying. 

are you vegan or vegetarian?

I was vegetarian for a bit but I have resumed eating meat. 

Alright I can take the hint. You guys hate me tonight. I shall leave soon.

what's your favorite thing to watch on netflix?

Bob’s Burgers, Breaking Bad, Weird, or What

I wish i was a talented vocalist like you are dude. I look up to you.

Well it’s like I say, anyone can learn to sing. I promise you can. 

But thanks very much. 

Would you suit up with Barney Stinson?

I’m not sure how to answer this. 

You guys are awfully quiet tonight!

Was Thornton a bitch?


So last week i noticed you and a few other WIM members talking about something that's going to happen in the future... Would you be able to say about how much longer it's going to be?

Probably not for a while, if it actually happens. A few people kinda jumped the gun and assumed things would happen but I am very busy working on my new stuff and I can’t have any other things interfere with my recording schedule and all that stuff.